Do all corporate hospitals overcharge. I don’t think so.Big hospital bills is not only a question of ethics but of intricacies of daily practice. If one were to take a patient of an ordinary complaints like prilonged diahorrea to a general practitioner he would diagnose it amoebic and treat accordingly perhaps without investigations. The same case if taken to a secondary referral centre likea regional medical school may get a colonoscopy done because rarer disorders like ulcerative collitis have to be considered. 

 The same case when taken to medanta like institution ,or a tertiary care centre where doctors are conditioned to consider rarest causes may get investigated for cancer markers,ct abdomen and a PET scan for Neuroendocrine tumor. Since the patient is paying by insurance is there any justification in holding back any possible investigation considering the potential consumer forum action. Therefore the charges in corporate hospitals will be much more as they have to follow the laid protocol for investigation and treatment. Therefore it is a tricky situation for patients as well as doctors both. Payment by insurance allways increases the bill as doctors have to admit the patient and thereafter investigate the case as most insurance providers don’t pay for OPD Cases

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