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The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 1994

a guide to the complexities of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 1994. This is a brief guide (courtesy of Freedom Network) to the CJA. A copy of the entire Act can be viewed online Sections 61 & 62: Trespassers on land Two or more persons trespassing on land ( not including public […]

‘Production line’ heart surgery

By Chris Morris BBC News, Delhi Out of media player. Press enter to return or tab to continue. Inside India‘s ‘production line’ heart hospital The chest of a thirteen-year-old boy Uday Kumar has been sliced open and a team of doctors are operating on his heart. “This is for patients who have a single ventricle,” says […]

meditation and mindfulness

MBCT courses are proliferating across the UK – but research in the US found some who practised some types of Buddhist meditation were assailed by traumatic memories and impairment in social relationships. Photograph: Luis Alvarez/Getty Images/Vetta In a first floor room above a gridlocked London street, 20 strangers shuffle on to mats and cushions. There’s […]