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How doctors can spot patients likely to sue

  PROFESSION [Illustration by Gilbert Ford / www.gilbertford.com] How doctors can spot patients likely to sue Knowing what types of patients are more lawsuit prone can help reduce physicians’ liability risks. By ALICIA GALLEGOS, amednews staff. Posted Feb. 4, 2013. PRINT| E-MAIL| RESPOND| REPRINTS|  SHARE  Medical liability defense attorney Michael J. Sacopulos often hears physicians speak in hindsight about […]

ct scan

_ _ _ _ _ n CT, an x-ray source and x-ray detector housed in a doughnut-shaped assembly move circularly around a patient who lies on a motorized table that is moved through the machine. Usually, multidetector scanners with 4 to 64 or more rows of detectors are used because more detectors allow quicker scanning […]