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Forced tasks, deadlines and suspension of Govt Servant Doctors.

Doctors, especially surgeons should stop all forced “deadline and ultimatum-based” government programmes unless and until: 1. All the world-class standard equipment and theaters are available for every surgery / procedure, and the number of procedures that can be done without stress and hurry is decided by the treating doctor / operating surgeon. 2. An “All-is-well” […]

The Murdered Angels of India

(c) Dr. Rajas Deshpande This simple looking girl in her early twenties walks into my OPD with her parents. They all are dressed up typically worker/ lower middle class, just enough to avoid obviously torn clothes. Everything humble, barely touching middle class, but very well behaved. She starts telling her father’s complaints in perfect English, […]

Doctors under duress: Stop the violence

Make a law against “Interference in patient care” Should the docs leave casualty if they sense hostility / arrogant and threatening relatives? Every doctor cannot make correct decisions under duress, and patients suffer. © Dr. Rajas Deshpande Doctors who work in any emergency ward / hospital in India are exposed to two great risks: violence […]

Medical Gods I met upon Earth: Part VIII

The Messiah of Medicine © Dr. Rajas Deshpande “Sir, many times last night, I felt it was so easy to slip in some wrong drug to that rapist: if that criminal is allowed to go back in the society, he will just continue to rape more women”. Said the devastated intern with tears in her […]

The Guarantee of Life

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande What is the Guarantee, Doctor? Best of the Doctors internally react like metal on sandpaper to this question by the patient or relatives. While surgeons are the most common victims of this question, physicians also often succumb to these innocent words. It’s not that the doctor wants to hide or lie, […]

The new medical villain on the block “Medical Meddler”

The new medical villain on the block “Medical Meddler” © Dr. Rajas Deshpande There are more than one options to choose from in the treatment of most medical conditions. Although doctors may differ on the exact diagnosis in some cases, they usually agree upon the “umbrella” or parent medical condition, and usually prescribe similar molecules […]