Forced tasks, deadlines and suspension of Govt Servant Doctors.

Doctors, especially surgeons should stop all forced “deadline and ultimatum-based” government programmes unless and until:

All the world-class standard equipment and theaters are available for every surgery / procedure, and the number of procedures that can be done without stress and hurry is decided by the treating doctor / operating surgeon.

An “All-is-well” / “We have checked everything including drugs / licences / IV fluids / Sanitation / etc and the efficiency of all paramedical staff” certificate is issued by the government officials / Health Minister / IAS in-charge and also the Indian and Foreign Press separately.

There should be a standard procedure /equipment/ drug / protocol / guideline issued by MCI for every such programme, which will not be deviated from / violated by any doctor, thereby the doctor will not take responsibility of complications.

The Doctors should completely refuse being held responsible for the pathetic Indian rural health scenario, rural, illiterate public, their equally illiterate and mostly goony leaders, a totally corrupt medical administration and ministry, the necessity to make compromises in such procedures to complete the assigned tasks (extreme overwork) because the govt / system fails to provide manpower / drugs / equipment etc. And the paradoxically stupid cross-examination and judgemental evaluation of the doctor’s eligibility by Indian and Foreign media, most of which is pet to those who are in administration.

The Courts should for once change their stance about medical inadequacies and avoid being driven by populist judgement, almost always pinning all blame upon the doctors. In the 60 year old history of this profession in India, not even once was anyone other than a doctor was punished for a patient’s problem / negligence claim / death: no health minister has ever been questioned by the courts, nor have they ever summoned anyone for NOT providing equipment / medicines / and manpower, thus overburdening the doctor,

Inspite of knowing this all if the doctor still participates in such camps, he / she is probably inviting suspension.

Media needs to grow up to the reality of the innumerable hardships of medical profession and the total failure of the governments till now to ensure good rural healthcare system. It is NOT because of doctor’s refusals to go rural, it is because of lack of any infrastructure. Please stop assessing Indian doctors by western standards unless you pay and provide them by those standards. Few doctors / specialists being rich or bad should not make you envious of an entire profession of intellectuals sacrifising their lives for the society!

© Rajas Deshpande

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