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How to “Bully-Proof” Kids

    By Gariane Phillips Gunter, M.D.  Do you think October’s national anti-bullying campaign was successful in stopping bullies? The Washington Postrecently blogged about our country having a hard time defining bullying among kids. So, what can we, as parents, do to protect our children and teens? Here are some tips for “bully-proofing” your kids: Distinguish between events […]

roots by alex hailey is fiction

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ During President Obama’s inauguration today, Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander (R) quoted Alex Haley, the author made world-famous for his Pulitzer Prize-winning literary sensation, “Roots.” According to The Washington Post, Haley and Alexander were longtime friends. That’s all well and good, but quoting Alex Haley at an important national […]