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  1. On Happiness foreverIs happiness forever desirable? it is not.happiness can only be understood in the context of sadness and without sadness happiness is a disease process leading to complications ..A paper describes happiness forever as a medical diseaseBut all this later Today in an entertaining talk on happiness forever by Dr Vineet Gupta at ima hall , an interesting comment came up from Dr Judge.he explained in length that happiness is not possible in this world and this is the foundation of all religions. he then went on length to talk about the greatness of Gautama Buddha and how he left every thing desirable to lead a life of a hermit .he sat under a tree in a catatonic posture for so long that people thought him to be dead. then later on he suddenly became very enlightened and laid the foundation of a great religionNow let us imagine what would have happened had Gautama Buddha been born nowadays in the age of modern medicine.I bet in todays age he would have been diagnosed as a case of bipolar illness and been given antidepressents followed by ECTS and mood stabilizers.he would have ruled a normal life as a king but his greatness would have been lost.His greatness was in his disease which made him behave the way he did.Take the example of Sidney Sheldon the novelist. most of his creativity was during a bipolar high.similarly most of the creativity of Gautama was in his illnessOf course it can also lead to complications. can we not see in the life of lady Diana the reckless flirtatiousness which consumes her and eventually destroyed her, or in the lives of amrita sher gill the noted writer .or in the live of our own big b when he went into a depression and would quote phenomenal amount for doing a movie; and later on do an add for ‘navratan tel’ for a pittanceI remember a comment made by one of our learned physicians dr kjs sabharwal.he said every thing about man is written about on his forehead, meaning thereby all our mood states and behavior is written in our genes. and so is our fate and what we will and will not do. this is irrevocableAll the other things are relatively unimportant. our fates are sealed in our genes. The only thing to do is to use chemicals to change our mood states or to look for future in gene therapyAs to what we can or not do to stay happy is bullshit as our lives and our thought process and our behavior are not in our control but in the control of our genes.


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