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planter fascitis

MedWire News: The efficacy of a single steroid injection for plantar fasciitis has been proven over placebo in one of the few controlled trials of the treatment. Researchers found that visual analog scale (VAS) pain scores were significantly lower after 12 weeks with both ultrasound-guided and unguided injection of methylprednisolone 20 mg compared with placebo. […]

American medicine

We’ve come to a sorry pass in American medicine when physicians are willing to spend a lot of money to attend conferences—not to learn how to become better physicians, but to find a way out of the pit of clinical practice. Few of us have the charisma (or chutzpah) to make a living in medical […]

our proffession -opinions

Plight of Doctor – very well written by Senior Doctor—- WHY IT HURTS TO BE A DOCTOR Facts and Dilemma When a child is selected for MBBS he/she is darling of everybody, but the moment one clears MBBS the whole attitude of society changes. The society adds 20 years to the age of doctor the […]