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a study documenting hardened arteries among ancient mummies s

The latest analysis of ancient vessels shows that plaques have long been a global — and common problem.   Although atherosclerosis is linked to many of our modern-day habits — from our fat-laden diets to our sedentary lifestyles — a study documenting hardened arteries among ancient mummies suggests that factors other than what we eat […]

A Happy, Optimistic Outlook May Protect Your Heart

RELATED Even Mummies Had Clogged Arteries Does Your Diet Influence How Well You Sleep? Omega-6 Fats Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Disease What’s Good for the Heart May Also Prevent Cancer HealthDay via U.S. News & World Report  Follow@TIMEHealthland Hearts and tumors may actually share more in common than we think.   Following heart-healthy recommendations […]

How Creative Is Your Doctor?

What are you doing creatively these days? It’s not a question you hear commonly, and certainly not in a medical journal. But that was the title of a commentary in a recent issue of Academic Medicine. It caught my eye, because medicine is a field with a strong history of creativity, but its daily practice feels less […]