If mild or moderate strokes are treated within 90 minutes, the probability of permanent disability would be greatly reduced. This is shown in an international study under the leadership of Finnish researchers at the University of Helsinki. The results were printed in the American Heart Association’s (AHA) journal “Stroke”.

The study showed that if people with mild or moderate strokes received anticoagulant medication within 90 minutes, they had no or minimal disability three months later compared to patients who were treated between 90 to 270 minutes.

The study examined more than 6,800 stroke patients in 10 stroke centres in Europe over a period of 14 years. They were treated intravenously with the anticoagulant drug Alteplase. The patients were divided into three groups according to the severity of the stroke: minor (NIH stroke score 0-6), mild/moderate (NIH score 7-12), moderate/severe (NIH score higher than 12). According to the data, subjects with a mild to moderate stroke benefited most from ultra-fast treatment. Early treatment was also successful in minor strokes, but the likelihood of disability is already very low in such cases.

The results emphasise how important it is to do everything possible to begin treatment immediately, emphasised study author Daniel Strbian, neurologist at the University of Helsinki.

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