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emotional first aid

Emotional First Aid: A set of life skills used by lay citizens and emergency responders to provide the support a person who is emotionally shocked needs immediately following a crisis event. HOW TO HELP THE EMOTIONALLY INJURED AFTER TRAGEDY STRIKES Reach Out Physically Position yourself at the victims side and at his level. Touch unless the […]

pychological autopsy

  Suicide: Psychological autopsy, a research tool for prevention Created: 2005. Go to: Expert advisory group and authors Expert group and authors Agnès batt, Public Health Department, Faculty of medicine, Rennes Frank bellivier, Neurobiology and psychiatry, INSERM U513, Créteil Benoît delatte, Psychiatric hospital Beau Vallon, Saint-Gervais, Belgium Odile spreux-varoquaux, Pharmacology, Hospital Versailles, Le Chesnay, Faculty of medicine, Paris-Ile de […]