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clinical establishment act

The Government of USA enforced certain public health laws in USA because of the general consensus among the population is USA was that Doctors were bad and fleecing patient and then dumping them.In short doctors in USA were seen to be not doing there duties.Offcoarce this had to do something with the econnomic slump and […]


The Centre’s ambitious plan to have an umbrella regulatory body for medical and paramedical education hit a roadblock as the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health rejected the National Commission for Human Resources for Health (NCHRH) Bill, 2011. As retribution to it the center wanted to implement the CLINICAL ESTABLISHMENTS ACT (CEA) which was introduced as […]

IMA Objections to CEA draft standards

Executive Summary Clinical Establishment Act 2010 and Rules 2012 DEMANDS An independent authority rather than the Government, should be the regulator. Accreditation and not licensing should be the process of registration. All Treatment protocols of WHO, international and national professional associations should be accepted. Government should refrain from framing protocols. Fixing of fees and charges […]

clinical establishment act 2012

Many years ago I received a phone call from CMO Dehradun to immediately stop hospitalisation of psychiatric patient in my nursing home or i will have a case on my hand.The mental health act though passed in 1987 was begun to be enforced somewhere in 2000 .This bill was similar in nature to clinical establishment […]

Quotes – Psychiatry, Psychiatrists, Mental Health

“If A is a success in life, then A equals X plus Y plus Z. Work is X; Y is play; and Z is keeping your mouth shut.” – Albert Einstein   Die with memories, not dreams. – Anonymous   There are thousands and thousands of people out there living lives of quiet, screaming desperation who […]