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What do a 2,500 year-old monk and a modern-day ninth-generation military woman have in common? Besides some common thread of humanity, on the surface it may not seem like much. Like the military, mindfulness has a deep-seated history. Rooted in Buddhist psychology, mindfulness made its way into modern-day American society in various forms in the […]

Psychotherapy in the Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu Scriptural Text

Ananda K. Pandurangi, M.D.; Sudhakar Shenoy, M.B.B.S.; Matcheri S. Keshavan, M.D. View Large Download Slide (.ppt) Add to My POL Gitopadesha (Teaching of the Gita): Krishna, the god (charioteer, in blue), with his right hand raised in the teaching gesture (Jnana Mudra) and Arjuna (prince, in green) in the battle of the Mahabharatha. Gouache painting […]