Do we have a “Parenting IQ” ?

Parenting is the most difficult career, don’t know when it became unfashionable for some who claim success “outside” parenting.
However successful one may have been otherwise, if they have neglected growing kids for want of money/ fame / career they have committed a crime.
There is no greater insult to childhood than a parent NOT having time to spend with kids. The only exceptions may be Military services, or Selfless (not for any personal gain) sacrifice in the larger interest of humanity.
Equally guilty are parents who carry home the fatigue, stress and irritation related to their work and claim the family has to bear it as they are earning.Or expect the non-working parent to cover for both.
Childhood is a magical, most enjoyable phase in life, and to me any parent who has sacrificed his / her career for growing up children is more respectable (even if less literate) than the ones who sacrificed parenting duties for a better material life.
Providing for family’s needs is essential, but the “greedy” options of earning more to give them best (which is never enough, and best for kids is never material) and in the process killing the option of spending time with the kids is so unintelligent!
One should consider and discuss with their proposed match before marriage about their individual ” Parenting IQ”, and the distribution of career choices/ duties so that one parent at most times and both for many times are available for attending the children. Only mother or only father are NOT the options, neither are guilt ridden compensatory annual family vacations.
Children are happiest when both parents are with them together, it is so sad that the grown-ups rarely understand this. Most working parents would argue that this is so “impractical”. Hence the title of this article.
© Rajas Deshpande

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