This communication is to clarify to all healthcare establishments who hand over their bio-medical wastes to PAHAL, that their total payable amount is to be divided into two portions, and while PAHAL is to be paid for Transportation, MPCC is to be paid separately for Incineration. There are about 65 different establishments, where the PAHAL does the transportation, and the bio medical waste they pick up is then handed over by them to MPCC which does the incineration
Pahal is NOT to be paid the total amount, as they shall not be handing over the amount for Incineration to MPCC. Hence two different cheques have to be issued.
A log book should be maintained by the Hospital (log books are available for the asking with the transporters), and deductions may be made from both the transporting agency as well as Incinerating agency, depending upon the absenteeism. 
There are some 150 establishments registered only with MPCC, and here the total charges of Transportation as well as Incineration/ Disposal are to be paid to MPCC directly.
In the past there has been some confusion regarding the payments to be made to Pahal or MPCC.

Payments to them individually have to be done according to the rate chart below.
 FEE PER MONTH Amount to PAHAL Amount to MPCC Total Amount

  for Transportation for Incineration payable

Hospitals 1-10 beds 500 1000 1500

Hospitals 10-20 beds 700 1800 2500

Hospitals over 20 beds Re 1.50 per bed/day Rs 3.25 per bed/day Rs 4.75 per bed

Medical Clinics 250 350 600

Surgical Clinics 300 400 700

Pathology Clinics 400 600 1000

Blood Bank 500 900 1400
It is always advised that 

1. Log book should be maintained and counter signatures obtained of the pick-up staff every day/ alternate day.
2. All payments should be made by cheques and NEVER by Cash. Proper receipts should be obtained
3. Fresh contract should be signed each year beginning April, between Medical establishment owner and both the Transporter as well as Disposing Agency.
4. Fresh registrations are to be done now between April and June every year with the Pollution Control Board, online on the official website 
Important Phone numbers

PAHAL 9412910530, 9720989994, 

MPCC 9761899653
Incinerating/ Disposing Agency: 

MPCC 9761899653
Disposable Bags available from

Mr Sunil Kotnala 7520561417

Satya industries 9412050047, 135-2640530

MPCC 9761899653
Pollution Board (in case of online registration difficulties)

9719120812, 7060482478, 9412992109

Please direct any complaints/ queries to
Dr. Rakesh Kalra

Chairman, Bio medical Waste


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