anti hospital lobby at work

What is it with Politicians in India and their hate for doctors
After Prime Minister Narender Modi ji’s theatrics at an election rally in UP regarding Stents, Maneka Gandhi’s attack on allegedly unnecessary and excessive caesareans now Mamta Banerjee has invented a new method to mollify hospitals harassed due to recurring incidents of violence. Instead of addressing the problem of violence she hurls multiple other accusations based on heresay on private hospitals silencing them into squirming submission.   
There is an inherent bias in Indian society against modern medicine and specially private healthcare model which provides modern medicine care. This bias is caused due to the myths, half truths and blatant lies which spread by the army of quacks and semiquacks which rule Indian healthcare scene. They of course need to spread these misconceptions for their livelihood because their craft otherwise would not stand the test of scientific scrutiny. These ideas are perpetuated and used by politicians to ignite passions by speaking what the public wants to hear simply to gain popularity , have their name in news and to garner votes.
This resentment against scientific evidence based medicine becomes aggravated because patients are largely mistreated for months in name of “general medicine” “alternative medicine” “household medicine” and then brought to modern scientific medicine doctors and hospitals late and in advanced stage of disease. Consequently we rarely in India see Cancer in early stages, stroke in the golden period or Heart disease which has not been treated as “Gas” first. The time lost is irretrievable and the blame of death and failure gets conveniently placed on the head of the practitioners of modern medicine, the intensivist , the oncologist and the cardiologist. The argument given is that the patient was alive when he was being treated by the quack. The misuse of modern scientific medicine specially antibiotics and steroids by these quacks providing “magic remedies” for everything results in patients seeking proper scientific treatment only after they have developed antibiotic resistance and steroid dependence. The maternal mortality in this country would put cancer deaths to shame if it was a competition who kills more.
It is fashionable and politically correct to blame all the ills of the society on scientific medicine because it questions the benevolence of the Governments towards its misdirected priorities over healthcare. Governments if were focussing on healthcare of the masses more than on the deals which give hefty commissions there would be no need to blame private modern medicine healthcare establishments for the ills of the society. History is replete with instances where intellectuals have been persecuted and suppressed in the name of social good but neither the French revolution nor the socialist philosophy proved fruitful in the end. Throwing Indian doctors of modern medicine to the wolves also will also not be in the interest of the nation but unfortunately there will be some loss before it is realized. That loss may be inform of doctors quitting the country or the profession as well as in the form of lives of patients.              

Dr Neeraj Nagpal 

Convenor,Medicos Legal Action Group, Managing Director MLAG Indemnity, 

Ex President IMA Chandigarh

Director Hope Gastrointestinal Diagnostic Clinic,

1184, Sector 21 B Chandigarh  

09316517176 , 9814013735

0172; 4633735, 2707935, 2706024, 5087794


For Contributions; “Medicos Legal Action Group” Ac No 499601010036479 IFSC code UBIN0549967 Union Bank Sector 35 C Chandigarh;

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