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neurosurgeon in jail

That victim, Mary Efurd, was 74 in 2012 when she went under Duntsch’s knife and lost a third of her blood and the full use of her legs.”I trusted him,” Efurd testified three weeks ago. “I trusted that he would do what was right.” But a doctor who treated Efurd after her botched surgery said […]

debarred medical colleges and mci

Vidya Krishnan FEBRUARY 25, 2017 00:15 ISTUPDATED: FEBRUARY 25, 2017 16:46 IST The Medical Council of India recently barred 32 colleges across the country. Vidya Krishnan reconstructs how one of those, a Bhopal institute, marshalled doctors on hire, fake patients and life-saving equipment on rent for inspection day The coffee is bad and the desserts […]