Prof (Dr) Dhirendra Nath Nandi was born in a remote village in Bankura District of Bengal, India on 13th August, 1918.
Since his childhood he aspired to be a doctor with an intent desire to serve the society. He graduated in Medicine from University of Calcutta in the year 1945, obtained Master in Science (Psychology) in the year 1950 and was awarded Ph.D in Psychological Medicine in the year 1958 from the University. For further higher studies he proceeded to U.K. in 1960 and passed the examination of D.P.M. from Scotland in the year 1961 and M.R.C.P.from Edinburgh in 1963 and later on became Fellow of Royal College of Psychiatry, London.
He is also a fellow of prestigious Institutes of Indian Academy of Medical Science New Delhi and Asiatic Society, India.
He is a founder member of Royal College of Psychiatry, London and has been conferred Fellowship of the Society in the year 1977.
He started his career as a teacher in the year 1948 in a medical college in Calcutta the subject being Physiology. Later on, in the year 1970, he became the Professor and Head of the Department of Psychological Medicine of University college of Medicine, University of Calcutta.
Through Indian Red Cross Society he took a lead role in developing public awareness in the society in respect of importance of mental health. He had been President of the following prest8igious institutions in the field of Psychiatry.
President, Indian Association of Social Psychiatry.

President, Indian Psychiatric Society.

President, Indian Psycho-analytical Society.

All along his career, he has put tremendous efforts for developing awareness about mental health in the society and improvement of methods of mental treatment. To enable the masses to understand the importance of mental health, he wrote an extremely popular book on this subject in local vernacular styled “MONER BIKAR O PRATIKAR”. He has also taken the main initiative to publish a quarterly magazine namely “MONER KATHA” dealing with different aspects of mental health of which he is the Chief Editor. The magazine has a fair number of circulations. Introduction of Psychiatric Counselling course in affiliation with Netaji Subhas Open University, Calcutta is another great contribution towards Psychiatry.
His researches on various aspects of Society and related importance of Psychiatry including those of various branches of tribal have been widely acclaimed and many of his research papers have been accepted as study materials in related educational institutes.
About One hundred of such Research papers have been published both in India as well as Abroad.
His contribution towards advancement in the field of Psychiatry and Psycho-analysis has been recognized by many distinguished Institutions with prizes some of them are noted below:-
Marfatia Prize award by Indian Psychiatric Society in the year 1976.

Coats Gold Medal award by University of Calcutta in the year 1984.

D.L.N.Murthi Rao Oration Award by Indian Psychiatric Society in the year 1985.

Bombay Psychiatric Society Silver Jubilee Award by Indian Psychiatric Society in the year 1985.

Adhar Chandra Memorial Oration Award by University of Calcutta in the year 1991.

Poona Psychiatric Society Award by Indian Psychiatric Society both in the years 1993 and 2002.

N.N.Dey Oration Award by Indian Association of Social Psychiatric in the year 1995.

Sir William Jones medal for best research by Asiatic Society in 2002.

Sir Ronald Ross Memorial Oration Award by Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research in the year 2002.

Sudhir Chandra Mitra plaque for eminent work in Psychology by Asiatic Society in the year 2006.

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