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Value of Opioid Antagonists for Withdrawal Uncertain

Pauline Anderson June 22, 2017 1   Combining an opioid antagonist such as naloxone with an alpha2-adrenergic agonist is a feasible approach for managing opioid withdrawal, results of a new Cochrane review suggest. However, it is unclear whether this approach reduces the duration of withdrawal or facilitates transfer to naltrexone treatment to a greater extent […]

A Touching Moment In The Life Of A Doctor

Dr. S. K. Thakur Professor Of Surgery  May 29 2017      Share on WhatsApp Share on Email Flag inappropriate    +59 votes  views (1.6k) I have been in the medical profession for nearly 35 years and have not done anything extraordinary in the field that may make people curious about this special day for […]

Lithium and Antihypertensive Medication: A Potentially Dangerous Interaction

Authors Joel Handler MD First published: 31 August 2009Full publication history DOI: 10.1111/j.1751-7176.2009.00181.x View/save citation Cited by (CrossRef): 13 articles Check for updates Citation tools Joel Handler, MD, Kaiser Permanente, 411 Lakeview Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92807 E-mail: joel.handler@kp.org A 62-year-old woman with hypertensive stage 3 chronic kidney disease and a long history of bipolar II […]