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Paucity of time prevents doctors from following BP measurement protocol:

M3 India NewsdeskDec 05, 2017 Small inaccuracies in blood pressure (BP) measurement can have considerable consequences. We recently conducted an online survey to assess the blood pressure measurement practices among Indian doctors, the most commonly performed clinic examination, yet considerably undervalued. MethodologyThe survey carried a few simple and direct questions for the Indian doctor community. […]

The Disillusioned Psychiatrist

By Eve A. Wood, MDDecember 3, 2017 Many of us psychiatrists are struggling with where we are as a profession and field. Our burnout rate is off the charts. Suicide is common; 400 doctors in the U.S. kill themselves yearly, and 5% of U.S. physicians have considered suicide in the last 12 months. Isolation and […]

Respect: The Depreciating Indian Salary

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande “Over 1.5 Crore Every Year! That becomes more than ten lacs per month! Wow!!” my student showed me the news that some brilliant engineering students passing out from India were hired by some software biggies in Campus Interviews, “They will start their careers at that salary. That’s life!” I felt proud, […]

Frank Rajan 2: Holy Cross Hospital vs Fortis Hospital: Dear society, You will get what you deserve!

Article by ©Dr Swapnil Kumar Kale for DoxBay Once you have beaten up all the doctors in the country and broken all their small clinics into pieces, this is what you will be left with – corporate hospitals that charge you lakhs per hour! कल्याण का हॉस्पिटल तो तोड़ दिया; अब हिम्मत है तो एक […]