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हम में से बहुतों का खून ये समाचार पढ़ के खौल रहा होगा। पर मेरे प्यारे साथियो,थोड़ा धीरज रखो।एक बार क्लिनिक एस्टेब्लिशमेंट एक्ट ढंग से आ जाये,फिर ऐसी खबरों की हम सभी को आदत पड़ जाएगी।मैक्स जैसे भारी भरकम अस्पताल का जब ये लोग ऐसा हश्र कर सकते हैं,तो सोचो छोटे मोटे अस्पतालों और नर्सिंग […]


Now let's see how use of special instruments is charged in hospital bills.I had no knowledge of cost anaysis until recently when i had an opportunity to interact with one expert whose kin was admitted in my hospital and he used to be in her room every evening.Robotic knee surgery has become the talk of […]


Health care delivery is an increasingly complex process. Successful treatment for a patient no longer rests on a single individual, rather it rests on a chain of factors dependent on healthcare workers as well as technology. Given the intricacies in the system, and the challenges within, medical errors and technological glitches have seeped in to […]

High bp

High blood pressure is redefined as 130, not 140 – US guidelines High blood pressure was redefined Monday by the American Heart Association, which said the disease should be treated sooner, when it reaches 130/80, not the previous limit of 140/90. “High blood pressure is now defined as readings of 130 mm Hg and higher […]