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Awake under anesthesia

We tend to think that being anesthetized is like falling asleep. Kate Cole-Adams concludes that the truth is stranger—it’s more like having your mind disassembled, then put together again. /react-text Photograph by Montgomery Martin / Alamy react-text: 154 One /react-text react-text: 156 day in the nineteen-eighties, a woman went to the hospital for cancer surgery. […]

Homeopathic doctors & NMC Bill – In defence of the bridge course allowing them to prescribe allopathic medicines

The Times of India (Mumbai edition)9 Jan 2018Kushal Banerjeeko if: hasImage Kushal Banerjee homeopathic doctor The National Medical Commission Bill, in its first iteration, proposes a bridge course which will allow homeopathic and ayurvedic practitioners to prescribe some allopathic medicines. This proposal of a bridge course has met with opposition by members of the medical […]