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The Tragic Reality of Representing Trauma through Art

I’m sorry but I never saw this side of the picture but I still cannot sympathise with the violence of the Karni Sena SHARED FROM ASHOK ROW KAVI 'S WALL Sharing from friend Sahana Singh — for those who want to go see the movie: The post is by Rajat Mitra, and Sahana Singh has […]

Plan to Dismantle Self Governance Strongly Criticised by WMA

Date: Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 4:06 PM WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION News Release 29 January 2018 PLAN TO DISMANTLE PHYSICIAN SELF GOVERNANCE STRONGLY CRITICISED BY WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION The Indian Government’s plan to dismantle the professional self-governance of Indian physicians has been strongly criticised by the World Medical Association. In a letter to the Chairman of India’s […]