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8 Signs of a Healthy Baby

8 Signs of a Healthy Baby Do you wonder if your little one is eating enough, sleeping enough, and on track for all those important milestones? Check out these easy-to-spot signs that prove Baby is both happy and healthy. Pinterest Facebook More Pinterest PhotoAlto/ Veer <img srcset=”https://assets.parents.com/s3fs-public/styles/nfp_220_portrait/public/images/p_PHP3040102.jpg?xkGKL3pGTRZP2N972DYS3qHqBRFVankz 220w, https://assets.parents.com/s3fs-public/styles/nfp_450_portrait/public/images/p_PHP3040102.jpg?nK3SQhvCfnIvU.lkTpTP5kUksWEGtcB3 450w, https://assets.parents.com/s3fs-public/styles/nfp_550_portrait/public/images/p_PHP3040102.jpg?hMjDnVj1Vpn4BLjUUHszkEZ0gvE1D2FA 550w, https://assets.parents.com/s3fs-public/styles/nfp_640_portrait/public/images/p_PHP3040102.jpg?GnszXH9uv9yNNA4c0kA9W3i5kt1d7nAa 640w, https://assets.parents.com/s3fs-public/styles/nfp_860_portrait/public/images/p_PHP3040102.jpg?6skABO0WqGXqHg7tbe07cSU.w0.pMIoo […]

Mental illness in children: Know the signs

Children can develop the same mental health conditions as adults, but their symptoms may be different. Know what to watch for and how you can help. By Mayo Clinic Staff Mental illness in children can be hard for parents to identify. As a result, many children who could benefit from treatment don’t get the help […]

Normal vs abnormal

years ago there was a remarkable incidence of MD paediatrics students final examination in KGMC, Lucknow in which all the PG students were declared “Failed” by the external examiner on the basis of their different diagnosis of a child of 9 month age kept for spot diagnosis ( No History, No Examination was permitted ). […]