Normal vs abnormal

years ago there was a remarkable incidence of MD paediatrics students final examination in KGMC, Lucknow in which all the PG students were declared “Failed” by the external examiner on the basis of their different diagnosis of a child of 9 month age kept for spot diagnosis ( No History, No Examination was permitted ).

It created big shock not only to the paediatrics department but to the whole KGMC.

Every professor and teacher requested not to be so much harsh because even topper student was failed but the external refused to change his decision.

Ultimately the reason was asked and everyone agreed after knowing the reason.

Reason was quite simple infact :-

A 9 month Healthy child was kept for spot diagnosis and every PG student diagnosed a different disease.

The external told that I can’t declare a PG ( Paediatrics ) student passed who is unable to identify a normal healthy child.

After that the same story was repeatedly told in paediatrics department and Signs of normal healthy child at different age were taught to every graduate and post graduate students.

Just to conclude;

A big question arises :-

Do we Doctors have forgotten of even thinking about the way or art to live a Normal Healthy Life ?

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