*Is CP Bill 2018 going to DISTURB MY PRACTICE ???*

Why protest this CP Bill 2018.

Why are we wearing Black badges ?

Is this bill going to affect ME ??

_What are the salient features ??_

*Well I am going to put forth my perceptions after studying and discussing this and other issues with many seniors. Based upon Dr Thakres article.*

_Objections and Consideration of CP Bill 2018._

1. Raised pecuniary

jurisdictions of District, State &

National Commissions, but cleverly

removed ‘amount of compensation

claimed’ from all the jurisdictions.

*Compensation removed and Consideration* inserted which means that the fine would be higher and easy for implementation even by a local district body. Making us more vulnerable.

2. Appellant can file complaint in his district,where he/she is residing, jurisdiction changes causing more inconvenience to the doctor.

Doctors would have to travel to maybe other district wherein the *complainant can have influence*, sympathy and use non judiciary means for extraction of fine amount.

3. 50% of the fine amount to be deposited in court before going to higher court for appeal.

If the fine is 1 crore, a doctor has to *deposit 50 lakhs cheque for being eligible* for filing and fighting against in higher state Court. I simply can’t imagine the situation if at all it arises.

4. Imposing a penalty of 10000 on frivolous complaints removed.

Increasing the possibility of *false accusations to extract, trouble harass doctor.*

5. Mediation Cell has been introduced. The commission might transfer the dispute to mediation cell for negotiation.

Once we appear for that,it will be *assumed that we are guilty and ready for negotiation*. Money and influence game begins. With the current attitude towards doctors, this mediation cell comprising of non Medico’s would be a disaster.

6.. Punitive restrictions on doctors for

misleading endorsement of any


Whenever a doctor makes a

research and make some innovation if he/she endorses the product and somebody, NGO file application against it,then not only fine, penalty but *even the registration could be challenged.*

God bless the indian citizens who want research and innovative ideas and solutions from us.

7. All this would be in the hands of non judicial person who will pass judgement, verdicts.

*Incapable of logical thinking and deficiency of judiciary* prerogatives these lay persons wil have an outlash in declaring consideration amounts which won’t be capped at 20 lakhs as before in CPA,but now *upto and not limited to 1 Crore.*

God Bless Medical Fraternity if this draconian bill is passed and implented. Rather implanted I would say.

*I sincerely request all members to go through the CP Bill 2018 and have their own personal information, experience, understanding and decide for themselves*

I have posted my views over the bill after studying it. I have discussed this with seniors from HBI,IMA and Judiciary. It’s high time for us to Unite and Fight Against various bills,laws,acts and regulations etc etc in coming years.

Please contact local IMA authorities for further information if needed on CEA & CP Bill.

Create Awareness.


Dr Sameer Chandratre



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