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Viral hepatitis


Dr kapoor on trial

By Alanna Durkin Richer | AP January 25 BOSTON — Drug company executives weren’t satisfied with sales for their powerful painkiller, so they devised a plan, prosecutors say: Offer cash to doctors in exchange for prescriptions. Soon, the highly addictive fentanyl spray was flourishing, and executives were raking in millions. Now, the company’s wealthy founder is heading […]

Indian legal system and mental health

Indian Journal of Psychiatry Wolters Kluwer — Medknow Publications Indian legal system and mental health Choudhary Laxmi Narayan and Deep Shikha Additional article information Although there was a rich tradition of legal system in Ancient India, the present judicial system of the country derives largely from the British system and is based on English Common […]

Small nursing homes

There are various factors that are becoming fatal for the small nursing homes some of which are elaborated below. 1. Lack of funds Small and medium-sized nursing homes are facing an acute financial crisis in the present times. Lack of funds has become one of the main reasons why these small medical establishments are facing […]