Small nursing homes

There are various factors that are becoming fatal for the small nursing homes some of which are elaborated below. 1. Lack of funds Small and medium-sized nursing homes are facing an acute financial crisis in the present times. Lack of funds has become one of the main reasons why these small medical establishments are facing difficulties in upgrading themselves and subsequently improve the quality of their treatment. The problem is much worse in remote areas where the medical facilities are having a tough time in even maintaining the standards for the basic necessities as per the guidelines. 2. Very small target audience Small nursing homes have a limited reach and can only solve a limited number of problems. It is one of the major challenges since people in modern times have become more tech-savvy and are exposed to very large amounts of data in the form of advertisements. This has consequently led them in believing that quality treatment can only be provided in the corporate hospitals thus again limiting the target base for small nursing homes. Corporate and for-profit hospitals have slowly become the owners of the healthcare sector, thereby creating a very difficult situation for small nursing homes to operate in. 3. Policies by the government There are various policies implemented by the government which has widened the gap between the small nursing homes and corporate and for-profit hospitals. Policies like ‘Clinical Establishment Act’ has burdened the small and medium-sized nursing homes with additional expenses and finances. There are many other acts and policies as well which are constantly putting more pressure on these medical establishments. 4. Unavailability of skilled physicians and nurses Unavailability of skilled physicians and nurses for the patients is another challenge for the small nursing homes. These establishments are facing a very high crunch in acquiring a human resource, especially in nursing. Moreover, even if they do get some qualified and skilled doctors, they lack the funds to retain them. This has subsequently resulted in sub standardizing the name of the nursing homes in the locality.  Dr. M.C. Gupta, medico-legal consultant and former dean at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi said, “Clinics and small hospitals with up to 20 beds and managed by individual doctors and their immediate family members will have to be closed down in India in the future because of various reasons.” The road for small hospitals and nursing homes in the near future in the Indian scenario seems rough and difficult. Initiatives and welfare schemes need to be launched to increase the funding for these nursing homes and help them to continue providing quality treatment to the patients.

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