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Magical remedies

Vishav Bharti in Chandigarh “Maharaja Sahib, the blue strip that you have made freely available has saved our youth. One or two tablets a day keep chitta away. Please make it available freely.” During a meeting at Chandigarh’s Punjab Bhawan, Khemkaran MLA Sukhpal Bhullar, along with other MLAs, was expressing gratitude to Punjab Chief Minister […]

Ayurveda Since pre 29102 BC; West’s 4004 BC as Start of Creation False

Western authors lack sense of history or knowledge of any calendar system and are following 23-10-4004 BC as start of creation interpreted from Bible. Āyurveda started in Siddha era before Svāyambhuva Manu (29102 BC). After that, it was revived and improved by Uśnā (Śukra), Indra, Dakśa Prajāpati, Aśvinī-kumāra (Dasra and Nāsatya). After Vaivasvata Manu (13902 […]