Pulse Diagnosis

The happiest day during my education was the one when I got a rank under hundred in the CBSE premedical test, seventy fourth to be precise and was to join the prestigious Maulana Azad medical College for the MBBS course. As we are an agricultural family, people in my village were very excited as I was going to be the first MBBS doctor from the village, every one wanted to meet me and talk to me, they had high hopes that one day I will come back and will treat all those who are diseased. As the time passed I became an intern and happened to visit my village during one weekend, when a lot of patients waited for me, I tried best from my newly gained knowledge, but the people were not interested in the prescriptions and investigations, all of them wanted free medicines, which unfortunately I didn’t had, ultimately one of the old person commented “Any one can write prescription, you are of no use if you cannot provide me medicine”, still more awaited for me, as I was passing by, one villager called me and said “Doctor saab have a look on me also”, I went to him and asked him about the presenting complains, instead of telling me about complains he just stretched his hand and said “ just check my pulse and diagnose”, I tried to explain him that it is not possible and he needs to narrate his complains, but instead he said that “good doctors are the one who can diagnose just by palpating the pulse and by the way I have got sugar disease”, ragged I felt and in despair left for home. Now after specializing as a pulmonologist, during my brief stint at Barielly, one fine evening I was sitting with our anesthetist Dr. Bharti when he narrated a similar incidence, when he was posted at a PHC in district Bhagpat, when an old jat women came to his OPD, as usual he asked her about the complains and instantly she presented him her hand and said “ doctor tu hai, nabaz dekh ke bata (you are the doctor feel my pulse and diagnose)”, confused Dr. Bharti started asking her “ do you have cough”, answer was no, “do you have fever”, again no, “do you have diarrhea, vomiting, breathlessness etc”, everything was turned down and finally when Dr. Bharti gave up, she said “Aree doctor bhains(buffalo) ne mere pair par khur rakh diya hai, patti karva de (doctor buffalo has crushed my foot, get the dressing done)”

Dr. Puneet Tyagi

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