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शादी का लड्डू जो खाए वो पछताए, जो न खाए वो भी पछताए

“शादी का लड्डू जो खाए वो पछताए, जो न खाए वो भी पछताए ” Marriage is one of the most perplexing decisions in any doctor’s life. Should I get married now? If I get married, will I be able to take care of my family and focus on studies and practice simultaneously? What about my […]

Retained Surgical Foreign Bodies after Surgery

Valon A. Zejnullahu, Besnik X. Bicaj, […], and Astrit R. Hamza Additional article information Abstract article-meta The problem of retained surgical bodies (RSB) after surgery is an issue for surgeons, hospitals and the entire medical team. They have potentially harmful consequences for the patient as they can be life threatening and usually, a further operation […]