Letter to health minister


Dr Harshavardan

Health Minister of India.

Respected Sir


While every health professional was glad to see a medical doctor holding the Health minister of India portfolio every modern medicine Doctor is aghast at one of the Governments first and major desicion .

Of making Ayush doctors,nurses,dentists,pharmacists,with a bridge course become qualified modern medical doctors

As a medical professional do you really think you are doing justice to the patients who will be treated by such qaucks of modern medicine ?

What is the need for such changes ?

If it is to reach out to all Indians there are many unemployed doctors who if given enough facilities or salary will do that, but the Government expects Doctors to do charity and work in primitive areas with no facilities its not possible .

If you feel these bridged doctors will do that you are in for a disappointment .

Unemployed modern medical graduates should be given incentives like getting a PG seat if he or she works where the Govt posts them for 3 years and by bond in Govt medical college some more years .

But no such possibilities were even discussed

On one hand countless doctors are churned out of the many medical colleges in the country but on the other the Government is behaving as if there are no doctors to fill slots that they need such senseless methods .

Instead of assuring quality in a very important profession the Government is bent on destroying it .

If the same logic is used ,

why are court clerks not made lawyers and judges by bridge courses ?

or office clerks made chartered accountants ? or attenders in colleges made professors or lecturers ?

Or say a peon in your office take a bridge course and become health minister and ask you to go home !

Go ahead and do those too .

Indian modern medical skills are universally known for thier caliber and economy and its a medical tourism destination .

Instead of promoting this ,your Government is bent on polluting it with such back hand methods of producing qualified quacks .

Why should an Ayurvedic doctor or Pharmacist become a medical doctor when he or she has qualified for another knowledge ?

As it is these Ayush drs use all facets of modern medicine ,even prescribing high end antibiotics and using imaging and lab for diagnosis when thier field originally does not have them !

Now you are legitimising this quackery .

The public needs to be aware of what its getting .

Most of the political tribe travel overseas to state of art medical institutes at tax payers expense but the common man is exposed to quacks thanks to this foolish idea .

We hope wise counsel takes place before the Government makes such a foolish decision affecting the health care of the nation .

Thank you

Dr Harimohan

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