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Fake counsellors

Motivational trainers and career counsellors have been accused of practising as clinical psychologists after obtaining fake Doctor of Letters (D.Litt) certificates from fictitious universities in the country and abroad. Among them there a few school teachers and government employees too, claims Jithin K, president, Malabar chapter, Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists. They are found to […]

Reading List

The influence of a skilled and thoughtful mentor never wanes EDWARD HUNDERT In the mid-1950s, Leston Havens, psychiatrist, professor, author, patient advocate, and, for me, a mentor extraordinaire, began a residency at what would become Massachusetts Mental Health Center. During his nearly three decades at the center, Les helped define the fledgling field of biological […]

How medical education became a business, one policy change at a time

The draft National Education Policy’s call for abandoning all regulation of fees in professional courses marks the latest in a series of steps that have aggressively pushed commercialisation of medical education over the last decade, say public health activists. Till 2009, the official stance was that education could not be for sale or a for-profit […]