The NMC Bill change

…. single entrance exam for MBBS ( all entrance exam including AIIMS entrance scrapped )

2.Final Professional Examination all over the country will be one .

The Exam will provide for

A.MBBS Degree

B.Registration and License to practice

C. Post Graduate entrance merit .

If you fail you will have to write supplementary.If you want merit to be improved you can write it again .

3.Total MBBS seats in the country approx.80000.

40000 seats in Government Colleges 40000 in Private colleges.

Fees regulated in 40000 +20000 seats . Rest 20000 seats in private colleges fees to be regulated as per the rules of the State Government .

4.No Medical College in a state can be set up without an essentiality certificate from the Concerned State Government .

5.Ratings of all Medical Colleges will be done by the Rating Board of the Commission and ranks will be allotted .

6.The State Medical Councils will continue to work as they are presently working .

7.One year imprisonment and Rs.5 lakhs fine for Quackery.

8.NO BRIDGE COURSE for graduates of any other pathies of Medicine .

9.The same final year exam for foreign degree holders also to license them to practice in India .

10. Mid levelCommunity Health Providers like pharmacists / Nurses and other paramedicals ( as decided by the commission after formation ) will be eligible to be registered in a separate register and allowed to dispense a few notified primary Health care medicines to patients .

Issues regarding NEXT exam cleared by minister Dr Harshvardhan

There will be no PG NEET

Nation wide single exam of final MBBS which will serve as certificate exam and as PG elibigibiloty test

Candidate can reappear in this NEXT exam as many times as he or she wishes

50% PG seats fee in private colleges will be decided by center and 50% by MOU with state governmen

State government will look after and regulate all medical colleges in states and center will not intervene

NMC will abolish inspection RAJ .

NMC will increase MBBS and PG seats

Present MBBS curiculum will be changed

There will be rating of medical colleges according to result of NEXT exam

1 year imprisonment and fine for bogus degree holders

21 out of 25 members will be Senior medical professors will be members of NMC and their membership will be for 4 years they will decide regarding health care workers

Bridge course is scrapped

There will be no bridge course for BAMS and BHMS degree holder

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