Some lessons to learn from VG Siddharth s sad demise:

1. No matter how stressed you are, find some time for better emotional well being.

2. The pressure of success is so high in the society that one needs to find a coping mechanism using Emotional Intelligence. It’s a must.

3. We all live in VUCA (volatility,uncertainty,complexity, ambiguity)times. All the more reason why we need to accept failures and not enter into irregularities in business.

4. The government system by and large will follow the rule book. We should not be expecting any empathy.

5. The perception is as important as the reality. One needs to work on the same. The direct and indirect job creation is also a service to the nation. Keep on doing it with enough profitability for scaling up.

6. There will always be downturns in business. Keep it lean and follow the governance as you can.

7. Most importantly, failure isn’t a bad word. A start up eco system is building where entrepreneurs fail , try again, fail again and also bounce back.

8. The inner strength comes from self regulation. The life of entrepreneur is full of uncertainty. There’s no option for him but to stay optimistic.

9. Keep smiling, move on. A few irregularities or perceived mis governance can be turned around. Make the start up eco system stronger.

We can’t have more VG Siddharth. Time we smell good coffee at CCD . I am in. Would you be joining me?


Deepest Condolences!💐💐

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