Making simple adjustments in your life style can decrease the extra stress on your knee joints and will decrease joint pain by protecting cartilage degeneration.

Prevention is the best & most important part of the treatment.



• No unnecessary standing, walking and stair climbing. Sit rather than stand for daily house hold / office work.

• No exercise in standing position or lying on ground. Exercise only on high hard bed with a firm cushion. Use blocks to raise the height of your bed.

• No repeated frequent sitting

• and standing. Arrange your workplace in such manner that you can reach to things while sitting at one place only and require less getting out of chair.

• No squatting or cross leg sitting, No sitting on ground, sit only on 18 inches high chair/ stool in your office and home (temple, bathroom, kitchen etc.).

• Never hang your legs in air while sitting. Keep them on a lower stool placed in front and keep your both knees together (not crossed) while sitting.

• Fasting at any moment is not allowed.

• Don’t do exercises on floor, use hard bed with foam cushion.

• Do not use Indian toilet, Use English (commode) toilet, Follow “Chair-Commode lifestyle”.



• Do regular exercise according to the chart given. Cycling (air bike / sitting cross trainer) 1 hour daily.

• Follow diet chart strictly to bring down body weight according to height. Shed those extra kilos and till then it is always better to use a walking stick if pain is severe.

• Use modified shoes advised by the doctor which are properly fitted. These shoes will correct the disturbed alignment of your legs and knee joints.

• Daily respiratory exercise (pranayam) half hour before meal is must to promote repair process of the body.

• Do hot fomentation with hot water, wax or electric heating pad

— Dr. Subhash Shalya

M.S.(Ortho), M.S.(Surgery)



A – 74 , Aadharshila Gate

Sarita Vihar , New Delhi

Mobile = 9810124433

Landline = 011-26972566

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