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Is there a doctor in the house

This book is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of physicians, of all degrees and specialties, who adhere to the unconditional commitment to reinforce the importance and significance of our patient’s lives. Thanks to my colleagues, friends and wife Erin for encouraging me to pursue this book. Also a special recognition to my son Greg, […]

Anecdotes of doctors

The VOLUMES here submitted to the reader are not, in any sense, a Medical work. The object of the Author is not to direct persons how to physic themselves, or this work might well be entitled Every Man his own Poisoner. The leading title implies that it has as much to do with Patients as […]

House of doctors

Prologue Chronicles of a Gynaecologist had been out for more than a year now and I was basking in the success of becoming a doctor-author. My first book focussed on two sections of society I fought passionately for, women and doctors. The book was about the gynaecologist and her patient. But, what made a doctor, […]