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NMC amendments

Summary of The Amendments done in NMC Bill …. 1.one single entrance exam for MBBS ( all entrance exam including AIIMS entrance scrapped ) 2.Final Professional Examination all over the country will be one . The Exam will provide for A.MBBS Degree B.Registration and License to practice C. Post Graduate entrance merit . If you […]

Understanding and Managing Somatoform Disorders

  Understanding and Managing Somatoform Disorders A Guide For Clinicians FIRST EDITION Anton Scamvougeras MBChB FRCPC Andrew Howard MD FRCPC AJ medical KS  Vancouver BC Canada Acknowledgements: We would like to thank our colleagues in the UBC Neuropsychiatry team, for many years of rich dialogue, and without whom this book would not exist: […]

एक नर्सिंग होम

मौत एक नर्सिंग होम की ——//——–//——– बड़े अरमान थे अपना भी एक ,  भले ही छोटा सा हो, लेकिन एक नर्सिंग होम हो ।  जहां हम भी अपनी मर्ज़ी से ,  सस्ते दामों में  बड़े से बड़े ऑपरेशन कर सकें । मरीजों को सस्ता  इलाज़ मुहैया करा सकें । सेवा कर सकें । जुगाड़ तुगाड […]