These are the common conversations that take place during we doctor’s Reunions post our graduation which reflect the differenct phases of life and it’s priorities..

I- *Graduation Party*:-

1- What are you planning to specialize in?

2- Planning to settle in India or abroad?

3- Did you propose to that girl you were moving around with all the time?

Ok then if you don’t mind I will try my luck

*II- First reunion 5 years after graduation*:-

1- What did you specialize in?

2- Own Clinic or Job?

3- How much do you make?

4- Relationship Status?

5- Do you own a Car? Which brand?

6- Been on an exotic vacation or solo trips?

7- Look at that girl.. Is she the same one whom we didn’t even know existed ? Wonder whether she’s still single ? What a transformation man 😱😍

*III- Second reunion 10 years after graduation*:-

1- How many kids? How old are they? Which school do they go in?

2- Which is a good school? Do you have a contact there?

3- My son/daughter is this/that and they have achieved this/that blah blah blah ….

4- What does your spouse do? Medico or Non Medico?

5- Do your parents stay with you? Does your wife approve of them?

6- Does your wife and mother get along well?

7- Flat or Bungalow?

8- How many Cars? Any Luxury car or Bike? I have a Benz and a Harley.

9- Own clinic or job? How much do you make?

*IV- Third reunion 20 years after graduation*:-

1- So how is your son/daughter faring in studies? A group or B group?

2- Which college is you first choice to send them for graduation? Planning to educate them in India or Abroad?

3- My son/daughter is this/that and they have achieved this/that blah blah blah ….

4- I see so many patients daily. Do so many surgeries. I am considered an authority on this/that. I get invited to so many conferences/ workshops as key note speaker. I am this/that committee. I am Chairperson of this/that… Blah blah blah….

Others:- Good Great (Yawn Yawn)

5- Are you still married or divorced? This question has nothing to do with point 4. As the one speaking in point 4 is already obsessed by his profession and married to it.

*V- Fourth reunion 30-40 years after graduation*:-

1- Are you still working or retired?

2- How is your back/prostrate/ piles/fissure/varicose veins/ joints etc etc???

3- What are your children doing? Settled in India or abroad? Married or no? Oh am looking for a bride/groom for my son/daughter. Do tell me if you have someone in mind.

4- Are your children staying with you? No ok- Do they come and visit you sometimes?

Reply:- ‘Oh the youth of today are very busy nowadays. They have their own lives and whenever they get a vacation they are off to some exotic location. They too need a break no.

5- How many Grandkids? Do you look after them while your

6- My Grandkid is so cute and smart. He/she can do this/that. I eagerly wait to visit them or meet them.

7- Which is a good school nowadays to educate them? Anyway it’s not going to make much difference even if I know because the parents are not going to ask our opinion or advice.

*VI- Fifth reunion 40-50 years post college*:-

1- How many of our batch mates are still surviving?

2- Are your bowel/bladder habits normal? Do you have to wear Diapers? Which is a good brand of Diapers?

3- Where do you stay? With your Children at their home or Old age Home?

4- Do you know of any good old age home/retirement home in our city? It should be just neat and clean with good nursing and healthcare facilities. Difficult for us to maintain our huge bungalow. Children are busy with their lives, not interested in coming and staying with us. They tell us that if you can’t maintain such a big bungalow sell it off and move into a smaller place. Don’t know why I built such a big Bungalow in the first place. Grandkids have their own group of friends. Don’t even know when they come home, go to sleep, wake up and go to college. Hardly get to see or meet them.

5- Still Married? Divorced? Or Widowed? Interested in marrying again? I know of this man/woman around your age who too is alone and desires company.

*VII- The LAST reunion 60 years post college*:-

1- Where have my Grandkids brought me?

2- Who are you? Your face looks familiar?

3- Ok you graduated from so and so college in this batch? My batch? I don’t remember.

4- Where’s the washroom?

5- Who is this beautiful lady with me? Oh My wife!!! When did I marry her??

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