Daily Archives: 21/01/2020

myocardial infarction-heart attack of a doctor

Dr. Kishore Shah is a renowned Gynecologist practicing in Pune. He is a prolific writer. Humor is his forte. The following article is in his own words about the “MI” (myocardial infarction-heart attack) he had suffered few days back. It is ” simply ” mind blowing. ” I suffered a heart attack about 5 days […]

My request to Indian doctors – please hike your fees

It might sound odd to non medicos, that I’m requesting Indian doctors to charge more. The general perception among public is that Healthcare should ideally be low cost to people and affordable for poor. When compared to developed countries like USA, many feel India has this positive aspect of cheaper healthcare.  Yet I request Indian […]

“Dr, should I run the Marathon? “

With the increasing popularity of the “Marathons”, running has become an “in-thing”. Suddenly, it’s trending on twitter and Facebook has groups of runners, which plan which next event to attend. Marathon runners travel all over the country to run various Marathons organised by various bodies. Apart from sporting industry, a chunk of humanitarian organisation and […]