Indian Healthcare On A Ventilator


The Mask Matrix

©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

Thousands of Indians, both rich and poor, are helping out each other during this pandemic. Many employers, from large companies to even lower middle class, are paying their employees for months now, without any income. While I am very proud of this humanity among the masses, there are some serious questions in my heart. Our lives cannot be just a matrix of dependence, help, sympathy and compassion as a society. That is still exploitation and abuse, although sometimes wilful on both sides.

Only 2-3 percent Indians pay income tax, and 60 percent of total income tax comes from only 4 percent of all taxpayers. That means, 95 percent of population DOES NOT pay tax, and the ones who do pay taxes are not only compensating for the poor, but also for the defaulters, many of whom may be escaping law. With the pandemic costing the national reserves far beyond repair, it does not take great intellect to anticipate heavier taxations, tighter finances for about a decade to come, and all that burden will af course be borne by the 3 percent taxpayers. Unless you know you are special. ©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

With one of the heaviest taxation, why should the nation still have to depend upon someone other than the governments / system to arrange for basics of life free of cost? People are dependent today on other compassionate people and NGOs, social groups for food, healthcare and other basics which the government should be providing them. More disturbing is the fact that when they don’t get these basic life facilities, the blame automatically shifts on those who have hard earned their affluence with education, hard work and talent: be it film stars, doctors, software companies, private hospitals or anyone who has some money: you are projected to be cold blooded and cruel rich who must either automatically shoulder the responsibility of millions of poor, helpless and unguided people, non tax-payers and everyone left out by the government, or you must face an audacious media, social trial for trying to appease the majority by criminalising your authentic, legal earnings.

Why has “HELP” become so crucial for our society today? When there are floods or accidents like the recent airplane crash, we take pride in sharing news of preventable sacrifices and write poetry about those who died because of an extremely poor infrastructure and maintainence. We glorify poor people who jump in to help, hiding important questions. Be it soldiers, pilots or doctors that we are losing every day, we miserably, idiotically dodge the basic human rights question: was it possible to prevent it? Was something wrong about the flood management, was something wrong with the airplane, was something missing in the healthcare that was earlier brought to the notice of the concerned but was ignored? ©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

Instead, we choose to use the common masks to hide truth: patriotism, sympathy, compassion, donation, etc. Why could not so many richer politicians and ministers in India do for the migrant poor what some film stars graciously did? I will join the chorus in applauding those film stars, but the haunting question remains: why was the life of so many people dependant upon the compassion of a few film stars and NGOs? Why do NGOs and many others have to arrange donations to get sanitisers, masks etc. even for the police and the doctors?

News of goons fighting hospitals for inflated bills (in some cases indeed the bills are inflated), are exciting for the junta. One link is usually missing in such news: logic. Why doesn’t any of the self proclaimed, overaggressive, megalomaniac TV anchors or leaders enter any government hospital and ask questions directly to the responsible, like why there was no healthcare development in many decades there, why staff was always inadequate, why in the first place people should have to visit a private hospital which has a different financial ballgame and of course private investment. These TV anchors who speak as if they own the country and its population, act like they are above judiciary and replace reason with loud voice, are earning millions every month, why don’t they make a hospital for the poor in every town? In fact, it should be compulsory for every TV channel reporting medical news to donate all the earnings from ads during that news towards the treatment of poor patients. Every political leader should also take the responsibility of insuring health and life of every person in his / her constituency as a priority over bridges and flyovers, gardens and statues.

While everyone is making financial hey during the pandemic, doctors are made to pay in excess for all the masks, sanitisers and every other thing added to the routine by the pandemic, without any compensation. How can the private hospital escape these excess expenses? If at all the bills need to come down, let the government declare everything free: masks, sanitisers, remdesivir or tocilizumab, even the ventilators and electricity. At least strike off all taxes on these. While even the state governments are openly expressing inability to carry on without funds from central govt, how do you expect private entities like hospitals to run without charging patients? Even the hospitals should grow up now and give the patient three separate bills: one for hospital infrastructure and usables, second for doctors fees, and third for all the money that government has added to the bill: viz. taxes. If there is a request from any political strongman for reduction of bills, let the govt waive off the huge taxes part. Doctors fees are less than ten percent in all the bills, and they are the worst defamed ion all these news in spite of working so hard. ©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

I feel very bad about the pilot who died while saving others, and naturally think if the airplane was indeed maintained well. I feel very bad also about the 175 + doctors who have died treating corona patients and think if they were adequately provided protection and isolation, treatment and compensation. Every day we are losing a precious healthcare asset and resource in the form of dead doctors.

We can of course shout slogans and bring in the topic of army again, crying aloud that if they can die, everyone must. The ridiculous part is that it is not the army men who usually say that, it is those who sit at home with some gadget, free internet access and a lot of time to write about everyone else, especially against the very taxpayer who pays for their internet and other facilities.

Only those who have paid their taxes should be allowed to opine politely about other professionals, and only after mentioning their own contribution to the country. Anyone who quotes the army as an example for others should be recruited in the army as per their caliber, and made to work free for three years, to help our brave soldiers.

Lastly, any sale of liquor, tobacco or any issue of driving license should be denied unless the person shows his / her own health insurance papers.

We should remove all these dangerous masks of sweet words we all love: compassion, sympathy, patriotism, bravery etc. used to hide the truth: we are financially most disorganised, almost bankrupt, and hiding behind these masks instead of being true patriots and facing the problem, while exploiting not only the taxpayer but also the never-acknowledged pride of our nation: Doctors.

Otherwise our dear country will always remain an exploitation hub, where few keep toiling and paying for many who do not work, and people sitting in tall places and high offices who earn too much while redistributing our national wealth. It doesn’t take a doctor always to tell this: our healthcare is on a ventilator.

Jai Hind!

©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

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  1. Catherine Groves · · Reply

    Dear Dr. Deshpande, I really appreciate your well written unmasking of the health care issues in India! Yes, emotions manipulated on media – the pathos distraction -so we don’t look at the core issues of why the Indian government has not funded health care properly, even amid the boom of the last few years, and why India’s national hospital system is a dangerous disgrace – when it does not have to be this way. What use is insurance when a filthy, underfunded hospital will kill you! Everyone is upset because conditions are terrible and emotions blow through the roof hurting the very people who are the backbone of medical care. Thank you for posting! I am sorry you and your fellow doctors have been so unappreciated and reviled when in fact you are truly heroes in a hellish situation. Seems that PM Modi can get a World Bank loan that is transparently administrated by a Doctor’s Oversight Panel including doctors who have suffered by working at public hospitals, to meet the broad upgrade needs that doctors in the trenches understand all too well. If not transparent, if not doctor-led, the money will not be correctly allocated!

    Please, on a related but different topic, look into a new form of disinfectant lighting – there is real hope here to protect doctors and patients but you won’t hear much about it in India for some time to come: “Far-UVC” at (222 nanometer) lighting which has now been proven in multiple university studies (Columbia University, New York, Dr. David J. Brenner, June 24th study published in Nature, Kobe University and Hiroshima University in Japan studies published in August 12 and September 4, 2020.) Now, over 100 years since discovering disinfectant lighting, a new form has emerged that has been proven safe for human exposure: the wavelength measured in nanometers of 222 has proven to kill Covid-19 and all Sars Viruses while not harming human eyes and skin. Many studies have been published since June, 2020 that you can find online. This is what is needed across India to use throughout hospitals, in patients wards, and for surgical sites, to prevent infections, particularly in the deplorable and dirty public hospitals now rife with infections of all kinds. I am not a vendor but I see the need. (I am an inventor and writer, and have spent months researching this topic while realizing that most people have never heard of this “game changing” technology that could change how we cope with the Covid-19. Seems yet another covering over a real solution for the rapid transmission of a maddeningly contagious disease. )

    Now this “Far-UVC” 222 nm lighting is being installed in Japan’s hospitals for all day use in occupied spaces, and soon to be installed in their airports and all travel terminals. This new, safe form of Far-UVC is now – just in the last month – being installed in New York and Australia, in shops, restaurants and cafes. It is the single best defense India might have, however unless and until there is major government funding you won’t see it in hospitals anytime soon. Perhaps some news of this lighting in a few swank hotels and eateries in New Delhi and Mumbai or at Tata’s headquarters etc. Please get this disinfectant lighting for yourself to protect yourself and your patients. I want to help make this happen so I am informing people individually as a small public service. USHIO is the company that made the 222 lights used in the scientific experiments, but many new brands are now emerging worldwide, including First UVC (China) Healthe,(USA) N-Lighten,(India) Acuity,( Europe and North America) Sterilray,(USA) EdenPark (USA) . It is barely on the mainstream news but you will see plenty if you search. It stands on decades of research, with the big breakthroughs in 2020. This needs to be urgently funded to protect India from airborne and surface transmission of viruses and bacterial contagions. I really pray things improve quickly for India’s doctors and patients. -Catherine Groves


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