Covid treatment of Trump

Received from my friend a frontline Corona Warrior.

Politics aside, the treatment President Trump got from his medical team is the best so far. It’s very important the kind of drugs they used, the sequence of giving these drugs and the timing of each drug given. (1) They gave him Regeneron’s antibody cocktail immediately (within 24 hours of diagnosis) and make his body have the same amount of antibody found in recovered patients. Usually it takes 3-4 days or even longer for a healthy person to start generating some antibodies to fight against virus, with Regeneron’s antibody cocktail he has plenty of antibody to fight against/kill the virus immediately; (2) Remdesivir is a drug to block coronavirus to replicate, therefore to prevent the virus count from increasing in the body and make antibody now existed in his body less work to do and can clear the virus sooner; (3) When the body’s immune system working hard on fighting virus, it also will cause inflammation, when inflammation is out of control it will damage many organs. On the third day, they gave him Dexamethasone (a steroid used to inhibit inflammation) to control/reduce inflammation. Why the doctors gave him Dexamethasone so early, because he already had enough antibody in his body, he did not completely rely on his own immune system to fight the virus, therefore even steroid also will suppress one’s immune function, it is still save to use it on the third day. Remember, the type of drugs and sequence of administering them are critical. I hope FDA can approve the Regeneron’s or Eli Lilly’s antibody cocktail treatment in next few days, so any high risk patient can have the same treatment President Trump got as soon as possible.

P.S. I am in agreement with this timing schedule, except maybe wait another day or so before giving dexamethasone. If only Remdesivir is given, delay the steroids till the 5 day Remdesivir is over. (Unless pressing Cytokine storm if patient has come late).

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