Q and A on vaccine in India

Q which vaccine we are going to get ?

Ans.oxford astra zeneca serum institute of india manufactured covishield

Q.what about ICMR biotech vaccine ?

Ans.very soon it will also be available

Q covishield is a live vaccine or killed

Ans Technically its a live vaccine but the virus is genetically modified not to multiply

Q so it contains genetically modified corona virus ?

Ans .NO,it contains genetically modified chimpanzee adeno virus which is a DNA virus while Corona is RNA virus

Q how it protects against corona ?

Ans the DNA of adeno virus is encrypted to produce mRNA for spike antigen of corona virus which when goes into human cells and codes the cell to produce spike proteins of corona and the then body produces anti bodies against these spike proteins and also T cell mediated response.

Q Pfizer vaccine and moderna vaccines are also mRNA vaccines,how do they differ from adeno virus vector mediated covishield?

Ans Pfizer and moderna vaccine are naked mRNA vaccines which is very unstable and requires ultra low temp(-20 to-90 degree c) to store and has very short shelf life while covishield can be stored at normal refrigeration (2-8degree c) hence suitable for India and other developing countries.

Q will the vaccine be effective against new corona strain identified in UK ?

Ans The new corona virus identified in UK and now in India as well is new VARIANT and not the new strain i.e its antigenically similar to old variant except the number of spike receptors are more in new variant hence its more infective and may or may not be more lethal but the available vaccines should be effective against new variant as well.

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