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*ADAR POONAWALLA* (a lengthy but good read) Can Adar Poonawalla supply Covid jabs to half the world in 12 months? Adar Poonawalla has all the trappings of a jet-set lifestyle – including an office in a refurbished plane. But he’s also the world’s biggest vaccine manufacturer, with an audacious plan to supply the coronavirus vaccine […]

FAQ’s on Covid Vaccines:

FAQ’s on Covid Vaccines: 1. _When is the Corona vaccine likely to be available?_ Probably the Government will get it by January and the private market by March. 2. _Do we all need to take it?_ Yes, all should take it. 3. _Who will get it first?_ It will be prioritised. First frontline workers and […]

Q and A on vaccine in India

Q which vaccine we are going to get ? Ans.oxford astra zeneca serum institute of india manufactured covishield Q.what about ICMR biotech vaccine ? Ans.very soon it will also be available Q covishield is a live vaccine or killed Ans Technically its a live vaccine but the virus is genetically modified not to multiply Q […]