*Covid Vaccine update –53*

A Zoom *meeting was held with Executive Director Serum Institute of India* to clear certain doubts about Covishield Vaccine, Presenting Excerpts of the session :

1. Covishied *can be safely given to people with multiple allergies*. However it is advisable to give prior information to the vaccine provider.

2. *2nd dose of Covishied shouldn’t be substituted by another vaccine*.

3. No prohibition of taking Alcohol before and after Covishield Vaccination ( contrary to what’s app university advice of avoiding alcohol for 45 days).

4. Covishied is *effective against UK & Brazilian strains, not so effective against South African*, though it still be effective in preventing severe covid

5. No evidence of South African strain causing recent surge of cases in India/world.

6. A gap of 4 weeks is reasonable between two doses but recent data suggests that immune response is better with a *gap of 8-12 weeks as adopted by UK government*. Indian government may also implement this strategy

7. *No Need to check antibodies after the second dose as all trials have shown good immunogenicity. If one wants to confirm then one should go for neutralizing antibodies against spike proteins after 4 weeks of seconds dose* (However only few labs are testing Neutralizing Antibodies).

8. No significant adverse events noted so far. Myalgia, local pain, low grade fever are commonly seen in younger population.

9. It is *advisable to complete full course of two doses to get proper Immune response*.

10. Vaccine is effective even among people with age more than 55 years.

11.According to current data *vaccine remains effective for a duration of at least 10 months. Since it is new vaccine details will follow as time advances*.

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