Indian Medico- Legal Ethics Association


Indian Medico- Legal Ethics Association

Professional Assistance / Welfare Scheme

. 1)  The scheme shall be known as PAS “Professional Assistance Scheme”.

. 2)  ONLY the life member of IMLEA & IAP shall be the beneficiary of this scheme on yearly basis. The member can renew to remain continuous beneficiary of this scheme by paying renewal fees every year. The scheme shall assist the
member ONLY as far as the medical negligence is concerned.

. 3)  This scheme shall be assisting the members by:


ii) iii)


Medico-legal guidance in hours of crisis. A committee of subject experts shall be formed which will guide the members in the hours of crisis.

Expert opinion if there are cases in court of law.
Guidance of legal experts. A team of Legal & med-legal experts shall be formed which will help in guiding the involved members in the hours of crisis.

Support of crisis management committee at the city / district level.

Financial assistance as per the terms of agreement.

. 4)  The fund contribution towards the scheme shall be decided in consultation with
the indemnity experts. The same will depend on the type & extent of practice,
number of bed in case of indoor facilities & depending upon the other liabilities.

. 5)  The financial contribution towards the scheme shall be as follows:


Admission Fee (One Time, non-refundable)

Physician with Bachelor degree

Rs. 1000

Physician with Post graduate diploma

Rs. 2000

Physician with Post graduate degree

Rs. 3000


Super specialist

Rs. 4000

Surgeons, Anesthetist etc


Rs. 5000


Surgeons with Super specialist qualification

Rs. 6000

S. no

Qualification/ Specialty

Ten Lakhs

Twenty Lakhs

Fifty Lakhs

One Crore

Two Crore


Physician / doctors with Bachelor degree and/or OPD Practice












Physician / doctors with PG degree &/ or Indoor Practice












Physician / doctors with Practice of Surgery












Plastic Surgeons, Anesthetist etc











Figure in Red fonts indicates amount if you directly do through Insurance Company


 The amount includes the charges of New India Assurance company charges as well as the charges of Human Medico-Legal Consultants Company.

 This scheme is for AOY (Any one year Limit); amount shall be calculated on individual to individual basis for extra AOA (Any one Accident limit) assistance.

 5% concession on payment for three years & 10% concession for payment for five years on individual to individual basis.

  Physician / doctors visiting other hospitals shall have to pay 5% extra

  The additional charges 15 % for those working with radioactive treatment.
 The additional charges can be included for other benefits like OPD/ indoor
attendance, instruments, fire, personnel injuries etc

PAS for Hospital Establishments:

Annual Fee for Hospitals Establishment

Rs/- 300 per lakh + 1 rupee/OPD Patient (total OPD in one calendar year)+ 5 rupee per IPD patient (total admissions in one calendar year) + GST 18 % + 7.5 % of basic premium for Unqualified Staff.

The exact calculations will depend upon number of OPD & Indoor patients as per the actual number given by the hospital.
Medical colleges/ Corporate hospitals after discussing with hospital administration.

This scheme is for AOY (Any one year Limit); amount shall be calculated on individual to individual basis for extra AOA (Any one Accident limit) assistance.

5% concession on payment for three years & 10% concession for payment for five years on individual to individual basis.

. 6)  The hospital can become the member of this scheme only if all the members associated with the hospital have their personal professional indemnity under the scheme.

. 7)  A trust / committee / company/ society shall look after the management of the collected fund. The scheme shall initially be run in collaboration with the New India Assurance or National Insurance Company.

. 8)  The Financial assistance will be like Medical Indemnity welfare scheme, where indemnity part shall be covered by government / IRDA approved companies or any other private company.

. 9)  The amount shall be deposited in the Central Indemnity Reserve Fund (CIRF) of the association. The association shall be responsible only for the financial assistance. Any compensation/cost/damages awarded by judicial trial shall be looked after by government / IRDA approved insurance companies or any other similar private company.

. 10)  Experts will be involved so that we have better vision & outcome of the scheme.

. 11)  The payment to the experts, Legal & med-legal experts shall be done as per the pre-decided remuneration. Payment issues discussed, agreed and processes shall
be laid down by the members of these scheme.


12)If legal notice / case are received by member he should forward the necessary documents to the concerned person.

13)Reply to the notice/case should be made only after discussing with the expert committee.

. 14)  A discontinued member if he wants to join the scheme again will be treated as a new member.

. 15)  The litigations involving criminal negligence cases shall be covered as per the agreement with New India Assurance Company. The scheme will NOT COVER the damages arising out of fire, malicious intension, natural calamity or similar incidences.

. 16)  All the doctors working in the hospital (Junior, Senior, Temporary, Permanent etc) shall be the members of the IMLEA, if the hospital wants to avail the benefits of this scheme.

. 17)  The scheme can cover untrained hospital staff by paying extra amount as per the decision of expert committee.

. 18)  A district/ State/ Regional level committee can be established for the scheme.

19)There will be involvement of electronic group of IMLEA for electronic data

20) Flow Chart shall be established on what happens when a member approaches

with a complaint made against him or her [Doctors in Distress (DnD) processes]. 21) Telephone Help Line: setting up and manning will be done.
22) Planning will be done to start the Certificate / Diploma / Fellowship Course on

med-leg issues to create a pool of experts.
23) Efforts will be made to spread preventive medico-legal aspects with respect to

record keeping, consent and patient communication and this shall be integral and continuous process under taken for beneficiary of scheme by suitable medium.


. 1)  Dr Satish Tiwari (Founder president)
Add: Yashodanagar no. 2 Amravati, 444606, Ph: 0721-2541252, 09422857204, E-mail:

. 2)  Dr Mukul Tiwari (Director)
Add: 34, Tagorenagar, Gwalior MP, Ph: 0751-2340910, 9827383008 E-mail:

. 3)  Ms Ruchita Shukla (Director, Human Medico-Legal Consultants Ltd) Ph: 08178481558, 08882006159 E-mail:

. 4)  Ankita Tiwari (Director, Human Medico-Legal Consultants Ltd)
Ph: 07212541252, 08483987566 E-mail:


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