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First to vaccinate and first to party, Israel now mulls lockdowns One of the most vaccinated nations in the world is a test case for how Delta will play out. So far, it’s not pretty. August 13, 2021 11:21 am by Mehul Srivastava This June, as I packed for a trip to London, I realised I couldn’t […]

The Ashoka Syndrome:

The Ashoka Syndrome: An interesting article by a Retd Army Officer: 👉 In India, it’s never about Ideology.. It is only about Civilisation.. 👉 And to put it on record this is why PM Modi faces a massive smear campaign from a powerful Lobby.. 👉 But this did not start in 2014.. It started long […]

Drug-Induced Hyperthermic Syndromes in Psychiatry

Drug-Induced Hyperthermic Syndromes in Psychiatry Key PointsWhen a patient presents with markedly elevated temperature and altered mental status, is it neuroleptic malignant syndrome or serotonin syndrome? If you do not have a medication list, some clinical signs may help. Moreover, relax a bit, because unless it is a severe case, treatment—even in the intensive care […]