1. Proposed dates of starting the session for batch starting in 2022 (2021-22) Phase I – 14th February (11 months)

Phase II – 1st March 2023 (12 months)

Phase III Part 1 – 1st April 2024 – Part 2 (27 months +)

2. Replacement of Hippocrates Oath with Charak Shapath as Charak belonged to our motherland – Oath taking to be conducted during White Coat Ceremony in local language/s/Vernaculars

3. Foundation/Induction Course – 1 month (previously)

Now, for this batch there will be 1 week Orientation Program starting from 14th Feb’22 followed by teaching-learning over next 6 months in evening after academic schedule. Even in Saturdays and Sundays

4. Replacement of Computer skills training and ECE with Family Adoption Program at the outreach of Medical Colleges. One family to be designated to each student and data collection in terms of communication, empathetic behavior, living conditions etc. through monthly visits. This program is to be incorporated into the subject of CM further. Progress chart to be maintained as per Log Book records by CM at the end of 4 years that how much clinical experience has been achieved in terms of certain parameters – Hb%, BP, Blood Sugar, Malaria & other parasitic infestations etc.

5. Tree plantations – Herbs to be planted by the students – data to be recorded regarding environmental consciousness as of closeness and adaptive to nature in Family Adoption Program itself

6. Electives – 2 months after part 1 of Phase III to be replaced by 1 month at the end of part 1 with 1 week allotment in 4 different disciplines – Preclinical posting+ Paraclinical posting + 2 Clinical postings

7. IA – Marks submission to University made flexible by allowing adequate time – 2-3 weeks before Summative examination

8. Supplementary examination – to be conducted at the end 3 weeks after result out. Students to join with the regular batch and evening classes to be taken by Preceptors for such students

9. Yoga – To be implanted at National level. For this, 10 days of yoga training by allotting 1 hr/day for all the batches in a college in the form of surya namaskar, pranayam, breathing exercises, meditation etc. At the end of 10 days, International Yoga Day to be celebrated on

21st June every year. AYUSH – will provide guidelines on yoga. This is done to allay depression, suicidal tendencies. Ragging activities along with de-stressing the Faculty & everybody in the loop.

Physiology – Phase I

Pharmacology – Phase II

Psychiatry – Phase III

Along with CM, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, AYUSH departments

10. SDL & AETCOM – May not be included as of now in the Curriculum and annual timetable. SGDs to be converted to lecture classes. These are to be implemented later on as soon as RCs & NCs are increased in numbers. Final notification will be issued later on.

11. National Directory of Best Teachers to be created by NMC – Nominated Faculty to be invited by NMC on SUNDAYS to take lectures to be broadcasted across the country in all medical colleges for the students

12. NEET-PG – To be abolished and replaced by grades of examinations to be cleared for qualifying in Internship plus PG. Medical registers inclusion must before beginning PG.

13. Vacations – 1week for Summers and Winters respectively

14. Imparting medical education in bilingual languages (newer ideas floating)

15. Course duration for 2022 batch – reduced to 53 months from 54 months due to pandemicity

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