Dear all

Pl visit http://www.manomarriage.com … an online marriage bureau meant for those persons who do not mind marring a person having Psychiatric…. Neurological… Sexual or reproductive disability or any other disability like Orthopaedic… or Skin .. eye.. or ear disability , with full transperency. This is perhaps a better way of their rehabilitation… two families sharing the load of the disability.. This is also an humble attempt to reduce divorce rates… Most of the broken marriages are not due to the illnesses but because of their concealment from the opposite party. In case you appreciate the idea …Pl share it with doctors of all specialists , who may be having differently disabled clients… so that the bureau gets a variety of clints to choose from.

Thanking you

Dr Avinash Joshi
M. D. (Psychiatry)

Dr Sulabha Joshi
M.D ( Obgy)

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