Doctors of India, never make the mistake of going to villages

Doctors of India, never make the mistake of going to villages. Everywhere Vikas Dubey or Ballya Joshi gang gang’s gang are sitting to hunt you. 🥵💥!! ️ 20 August 2020, 11 PM – My name is Dr. Sunit Upadhyay. I was Associate Professor and Department President in Psychiatry Department in Govt Medical College Gujarat. More than 15 of my research publications have been published in International and National Journals. I was topper of general category in entire Rajasthan in 2008 exam of faculty post taken by Rajasthan Public Service Commission. [Evidence of all these are in other posts on my same page] My wife Dr. Archana Sharma was an Associate Professor in Gynecology and Maternity Department. And she was one of the best surgeons in the department. She was posted in Gandhinagar [Capital of Gujarat], and we lived in Gandhi Nagar.

My village Lalsot [District Dausa, Rajasthan] had no emergency facilities. Head injury, serious patients, heart attack patients, other serious patients died on the way to Jaipur. Because there was no ICU facility anywhere. Many pregnant women died on the way to Jaipur. Because nowhere was the facility of cesarean section.
That’s why my father Shri Ashok Upadhyay ordered me to quit the government job and called my village Lalsot. I started my hospital in 2016 and today in just 4 years it is a 45 bedded multi-specialty, with government plans, pre entry level NABH hospital. In which I have taken a loan to provide CT scan ICU and all other facilities.
There is a “Shiv Shankar Balia Joshi Gang” in Lalsot that acts like “Vikas Dubey Gang of Kanpur”. It is their job to collect money by threatening people. These people jump into any mutual dispute, and collect ransom from them by protesting against the big party, hooliganism, and pressuring by media. People say that they put pressure on the government in accidents, rape cases, and other cases to compensate people, and then collect their part. Terror of this gang all over the region. Several cases of inciting riots, hitting into houses, possession of lands have been registered against the police, most of which have been threatened and returned. In many cases, it has also been sent into judicial custody. But as soon as he gets out of jail, he starts his fear business again. Once his uncle Manoj Joshi came to me to ask for ransom in the name of Ad in the hospital. And gave me many threats on my refusal. And said that no one in this entire area has the guts to refuse to ransom “Shiv Shankar Ballia Joshi Gang”. Threatened to seal the hospital. But I refuse to give it money. So later these people forcefully slandered my social media into another patient’s case and created a controversy. I was threatened while the patient’s only attendant in that case was his son doing my favor to save his father’s life. Very serious things said about me and my hospital.
His police administration has such a tremendous back that I reached 18th August at 6:00 pm to file an FIR against him and ask for security. So from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm I was kept in the police station and harassed. It came at 8:00 o’clock and left after sitting for 15 minutes with police station incharge Mahavir Prasad. While I was made to sit for 4 hours by the police station officer saying that I am busy now, I will talk if I am free. And my FIR was not registered. I later found out that an FIR was filed against me by calling him. Next day 19 August I met SP of Dausa with Dausa doctor association. They marked my application for Lalsot DSP. I have the receipt of which I brought my hands and deposited in the DSP office. It has been more than 24 hours for that thing today. But yet my FIR has not been registered. I rather be informed from different sources. If you still don’t agree then you and your hospital will end up very bad. How many days will you survive? People die in the hospital where emergency patients are taken. As soon as the next patient dies, then understand that you and your hospital will also die with him.

People say why doctors don’t go to the village? I think now everyone will understand. I want to appeal to every doctor of India that never make the mistake of going to a village by becoming an emotional flower like me. And if you want to go then go with a shroud tied. Even if you go abroad, do not go to the village. In every village of India, somewhere development is drowning and somewhere Shivshankar Joshi is waiting for you to hunt. We both get calls every month from medical colleges for faculty posts for both husband and wife. But never said yes. But gotta think seriously now. With this post I am also attaching audio of call recording in which my Shiv Shankar Joshi’s uncle Manoj Joshi is talking to him, and he is very bullyingly admitting that you did not add him so we did this. Maybe the administration is waiting for my murder to sway the case. Shivshankar Ballya Joshi will go to jail only when some policemen will be killed like Vikas Dubey case. For other detailed information about this controversy, see the old post of my same page.

Shiv Shankar Ballya Joshi was harassing me for ransom since last two years. Here are the proofs of that

These documents are attached as evidence of current hooliganism.

  1. My prayer letter with receiving entry of DSP office signed by SP sir –…/1DYSz84Nbntio4TaRTwPlIYbtp…/view…
  2. The patient’s name they dispute, his son’s consent letter given before admission, and the patient was referred to a Nephrologist in stable condition the next day and the patient is now healthy.…/1DNM-m6n1vRFE0doORdaZHAS2v…/view…
  3. Link of conversation with Ballya Joshi’s uncle Manoj Joshi on my phone
  1. This is the link to my hard earned money my dad called me for, I think I’ve earned enough now want me to run back to town.

Hail Lord Krishna.

Dr. Sunit Upadhyay
Anand Hospital, Lalsot

!! ️May not be everywhere but this is the pain of a physician we are sharing. Continue to serve you where things are good 💞

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